TOFT International provides comprehensive and profesional translation, editing, localization and interpreting services. We work in more than 40 written languages and is always looking to expand its possibilities. Our translation services include language translations of all types of documents, in all formats and lengths. TOFT International project management service lets to handle everything from translation pricing and planning to final delivery.


Our Translation service package is designed to simplify the translation process for your organization and allow you to focus on what you do best.  Once you become a Translation customer, you will be assigned a project manager who will be responsible for all of your orders. Your project manager will send the documents you need translated to a professional translator who is a native speaker in the target language. Once the translation is done, it will be carefully checked with various quality assurance tools to ensure correct spelling and consistent terminology. Our Translation service package is a cost-effective and fast alternative to the Translation Plus package, and it enables you to get a clear grasp of the content of the document.

Translation Plus

The TOFT International Translation Plus service package helps clients manage the language challenges in the global market. In addition to project management and translation, the Translation Plus package also includes editing. Editing consists of the translated text being reviewed by a second native speaker for accuracy, style and terminology. Editors are usually selected for projects based on their experience in the relevant field. This acts as added assurance that the translation will be completely accurate and fluent. Together with our Translation Plus services, you can count on competitive prices and friendly and efficient service.

Translation Premium

TOFT International Translation Premium is a comprehensive service package that includes our full translation cycle: project management, translation, editing, proofreading and quality assurance. Proofreading is a careful revision of the tone and coherence of the translated text. All of these services are performed by separate qualified linguists. With our Translation Premium package, you can be sure that your communication will meet local market needs.


TOFT International provides both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services for conferences, business meetings, court hearings and other events. Our interpreters work in a variety of fields – business, legal, medicine, education, technology, etc. – so we will select the one who is the best fit for your needs. We can provide interpreting services in any city or country that you require.

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is where the interpreter sits/stands beside the speaker and translates the speaker’s words into the target language once the speaker has finished speaking. In other words, the speaker and the interpreter take turns speaking.

This type of interpretation is more like a conversation and can take longer. Consecutive interpretation is more appropriate for smaller groups of people, such as business meetings, interviews or one-on-one meetings; it is less formal and is more cost-effective than simultaneous interpretation.

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is more complex than consecutive, as it requires special equipment to allow the audience to hear the translation while watching the speaker in real time. The interpreter must be able to convey the speaker’s thoughts with comfort and ease.

All of our interpreters at TOFT International are trained in simultaneous interpretation and have an excellent understanding of customer needs. We also collaborate with reliable simultaneous interpretation equipment providers and are able to supply a closed wireless communication system with special microphones, headsets and transmitting equipment if necessary.


A localized product is essential to the success of an international company. Localization is the process of adapting software or other products and technologies for a specific region or language, taking factors such as cultural and linguistic nuances or the appearance of graphics and images into consideration.

As part of the localization process, we provide content localization, including the creation of a style guide and a glossary of terminology prior to translation, editing of iterations, coordination of in-country review, and translation of text, graphics and multimedia elements. We also offer linguistic testing services to ensure proper functionality and linguistic accuracy for your localized product. Our professional team will investigate every language component of your product thoroughly and prepare a custom solution based on your needs that will immediately improve quality while reducing project costs and time-to-market.


Globalization is slightly different than localization. The goal of globalization is to make your website, software or other product functional and accessible to a global audience rather than to just a few countries or locations. In other words, this is about preparing your content so that it is applicable for numerous countries at once.

At TOFT International, we provide globalization services for a wide range of industries: automotive, legal, technical, life sciences and many others. During the globalization process, our main goal is to increase your market reach and value, improve the consistency of your products and services, and make your products and services understandable in various markets. So feel free to contact us so that we can identify your specific needs and help you achieve the best balance of quality and cost.


If you translated or wrote something yourself or used the services of another translation agency, we would be happy to edit it for you. This is helpful when you’re not entirely sure whether the document is of the quality you’re after, or if you want to make small changes to the document.

TOFT International has qualified editors with years of experience in their working language and field who will check your document for spelling and grammatical errors, inconsistent uses of terminology, and issues with readability or meaning. We will also let you know if there is anything that may cause problems for your target audience. Once the document has been reviewed, we can either make or suggest changes that will improve the quality of the translation.