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Project management

At TOFT International, project management serves as the backbone of our operations. Working closely with clients, our project managers ensure the efficient execution of tasks, meeting all requirements and delivering localised content that resonates with diverse audiences of different languages and cultures. From the project initiation to its completion, our project managers maintain fluent communication and seamless coordination, so that you can enter your target markets smoothly and with confidence.

Our project management includes:

Identifying the client’s needs:

The first step in localisation project management is to understand and identify the specific needs of the client. This includes gathering information about the target audience, desired languages, cultural considerations and any specific localisation objectives.

Assessing the content:

Once the client’s needs are understood, the next step is to assess the content that needs to be localised. This involves analysing the source content, its format, complexity, and any technical or cultural challenges that may arise during the localisation process.

Selecting/integrating translation technology:

Localisation project managers play a crucial role in selecting and integrating the right translation technology for an efficient and accurate localisation. This may include CAT tools, AI-based solutions, API integration, translation memories, terminology management systems or other technology to ensure fast turnaround of translation tasks and high quality outputs.

Management of linguists:

To ensure a high-quality localisation, project managers are responsible for finding skilled linguists who specialise in the target languages and subject matter. They also provide the necessary training to linguists, maintain backup resources and manage their workloads to ensure a timely delivery.

Quality control:

Quality control is an essential aspect of any localisation project. Our project managers implement quality assurance procedures and handle feedback to validate the localised content for accuracy, consistency and adherence to the client’s requirements as well as industry standards.

Open lines of communication:

Effective communication is vital in localisation project management. Our project managers establish and maintain open lines of communication with our clients, linguists, technical teams and other stakeholders involved in the localisation process. This allows smooth coordination, timely updates and a quick resolution of any issues that may arise.

Vendor management

We understand that the success of any localisation task depends on the expertise and proficiency of our linguists. By utilising our extensive network of translators, reviewers and copywriters proficient in more than 50 languages, along with our vendor management experience, we can help you enter your target markets smoothly and with confidence.

Our vendor management benefits:

Saved time and resources:

A thorough search and assessment process allows us to find the best linguists for your specific project, saving you valuable time and resources in the selection process.

Ensured translation quality and consistency:

Through linguist training, quality assurance measures and feedback handling, we guarantee the accuracy of translations, linguistic excellence and consistent messaging across all your content.

Facilitated communication and accounting:

By taking the role of mediator in communication between linguists and clients, we ensure a smooth and well-coordinated localisation process. Through dedicated systems, we also optimise the invoicing and payment processes, making it easier for you to handle the cost accounting of localisation budgets.

Avoiding uncertainties and downtimes:

We have developed a backup system that provides added peace of mind for our clients. In the case of any unforeseen circumstances or glitches, we have contingency plans in place to ensure the continuity of your localisation project, avoiding any disruptions or downtimes.

Translation process optimisation

We recognise the difficulties of managing translations within international companies. Dealing with different languages, content management systems and file formats across departments can be challenging when striving to create a cohesive multilingual brand narrative. We are flexible enough to integrate into the client’s workflow and optimse translation process for individual needs.

With our optimised translation process you can:

Automate and scale your translation workflow:

We have a scalable network of translators, which allows us to handle projects of any size and complexity. Whether you need a small update on your website or an entire app interface to be localised, we have the resources to meet your needs.

Achieve and maintain the translation quality:

We work with native translators who have expertise in their respective languages and subject areas. This ensures accurate translations that also capture the cultural nuances of the target language. To maintain consistency throughout your translated materials, we create glossaries and style guides specific to your company or industry.

Optimise your translation budget:

Our translation memories enable us to leverage previously-translated content, reducing the time and effort required for repetitive translations. This helps to minimise costs, while maintaining consistency across your materials. We also employ machine translation and post-editing techniques when appropriate, providing a cost-effective solution for large volumes of content that require a fast turnaround.

Work effectively with a strong translation team:

We apply well-proven practices allowing a smooth collaboration between our team and yours. With a dedicated project manager assigned to your account, you have a single point of contact who oversees the entire translation process. This ensures effective communication, timely updates and a personalised approach, to meet your specific requirements.

Strategic localisation

Going global is a natural step in any brand’s development. However, localisation still poses a big challenge for many businesses. The key reason for this is the lack of a strategic approach and global readiness, which can only be achieved with specific know-how and preparatory work.

Our strategic localisation involves:

Market research:

Conducting thorough market research is the first step in strategic localisation. This involves gaining insights into target markets, understanding their cultural nuances and identifying the potential demand for your product and content. By analysing demographics, trends and market preferences, we can develop a targeted localisation strategy.

CMS/TMS and API integration solutions:

We offer seamless integration solutions for Content Management Systems (CMS), Translation Management Systems (TMS) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Our team assists you in selecting the most suitable technology that will streamline the localisation workflow, saving time and resources.

Consultancy and strategy setting:

Our localisation specialists provide expert guidance and strategic insights to enhance your localisation efforts. We collaborate with you to set the localisation goals, define the target markets and develop tailored strategies. By leveraging our expertise, you can make informed decisions and achieve optimal results in your global expansion.

Multilingual content management:

Our multilingual content management services ensure a streamlined localisation process. From translations to adaptations, we handle the entire lifecycle of your content across multiple languages. Our expert translators and copywriters provide accurate and culturally relevant narrative of your brand in the multilingual market.

Evaluation of the localised content’s profitability:

Evaluating the profitability of your localised content is essential for measuring your success and optimising future strategies. Only consolidated localisation efforts enable the tracking of KPIs relevant to your localised content, such as engagement, conversions and revenue generation. This data-driven approach ensures that your localisation efforts are effective and aligned with your business goals.



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TOFT helped Deeper to develop a new localisation workflow with decent TAT and high-quality translations. It’s a joy to work with such a team of professionals!

Justina Kuprienė, Localisation Project Manager at Deeper

We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with your company for quite a while now, and one thing that stands out is your consistent punctuality. No matter the deadline, you will always deliver on time! 

The team is not only reliable, but also incredibly professional. The quality of the translations is top-notch, and your teams put a lot of effort into understanding the context and nuances of the content you are working on. Highly recommended!

Indrė Čeberkaitė, Social Media Projects Manager, Devbridge | a Cognizant Company

TOFT continuously showcases stellar expertise and has proven time and again to be a valuable, understanding partner in a variety of translation and localisation projects that we embark on.

Dovilė Končienė, Localisation Manager at NordPass