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Is your product ready for the global market? Is your team ready for the global market? Then the last step is getting your information ready for the international community!


Fluent communication is a must when targeting any specific country. Our specialists are native speakers who are always ready to help you establish yourself in yet another location. Which language do you need this time?


High-quality translations can only be achieved by several specialists working on the text with the right combination of topic-sensitive guidelines and translation tools. We offer just that.

About Us

At TOFT International, our aim is to provide our clients with high-quality translations done by native speakers, and to save time and money by embedding translation software into the overall language solution.

We give our customers peace of mind so that they can concentrate on their business and expanding into new markets and not worry about anything else.

We can assist companies in various stages of marketing, from website or brochure localization to the translation of documents and manuals. Translating your content into the languages that you require is our responsibility. Feel free to contact us for all of your language service needs.

Various Services

We work with companies from various industries as a language service provider. Here is how we can help you too.

Automotive Translation

Whether it’s design, engineering, manufacturing, sales, training or marketing – our experienced translators are ready to help you.


Translating marketing material requires extensive knowledge of the field and extra attention to detail.

Life Science Translations

We have translators with a medical background who have experience in various fields, from clinical documentation to medical equipment.

Quality Assurance

Assuring excellent quality can only be done with the proper tools and skills, and is the most important aspect of translation management.

IT Localization

The localization of software and related documentation requires more than just the right tools – it also demands close attention to detail.

Project Management

We have a team of dedicated project managers who are always ready to help clients and freelancers with any questions.

Legal Translations

Translating contracts, agreements, and compliance documentation calls for linguists with extensive subject-matter expertise.

Texts we work with

Join Our Team!

Agencies and freelance translators and editors are always welcome to join our list of vendors. As a language service provider, we are growing steadily together with our clients. This not only means larger orders in terms of volume, but also new language combinations.

We guarantee our clients timely communication and high-quality services delivered on schedule. We therefore expect nothing less from our partners. On our part, we can promise all-around assistance in any circumstances, and we will help you get used to working with new CAT tools. We are happy to provide this to our vendors free of charge!

If you are up for the task, enter your details into our system and we might have just the assignment for you!

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