Project Management

Our main goal and responsibility is to provide our clients with services marked by quality and efficiency. This is why we began working with XTRF – their translation management system helps our project managers do their job in an efficient and professional manner, and also helps our clients and partners save time.

Our partners can use the XTRF Vendor Portal to receive and confirm assignments, view completed jobs and jobs in progress, create invoices and track payments. This makes collaboration with us transparent and straightforward.

The XTRF Customer Portal is where our clients can send requests for translations, check the status of translation jobs and monitor expenditures. We offer our clients assistance in managing translation costs: by identifying their language service needs, we can set a monthly or quarterly budget and notify the client once it is reached.

This is just a small part of how translation management tools can help your business. We would be more than happy to discuss all of the options with you and help you find the best solution for your business needs.

CAT Tools

CAT – computer-assisted translation technologies – tools are not new in the localization industry, but even so, not all agencies use them. This is usually because of the agency’s clientele. Since our main clients are large corporations with thousands of words to be translated into several languages each month, the benefits that CAT tools provide are clear.

The basic principle behind translation software is that it helps to create a database from human translation. This database is stored as a translation memory and can be accessed late when translating other documents. The translation memory identifies repeated or similar text from previous translations and offers suggestions on how the text could be translated based on the stored translations.

This helps to speed up translation, avoid translating text that has already been translated, and maintain consistency throughout the entire translation. With the help of these tools, we can offer our clients fast, consistent and high-quality translations that in the long term will become even cheaper to translate compared to the rates of other localization service providers.

Since our CAT tools support all major file formats, we can help your marketing and IT departments localize or globalize your material with ease.

WordPress Translation

Translating a website might not be that easy as it might seem from the beginning. It requires not only skills in languages, but sometimes might require some level of programming knowledge. Our promise to the clients is to make it as hassle free as possible.

Website translation involves creating additional pages, not to mention various elements, like contact forms or widgets. The best option is to trust it to professionals. Website developers usually charge dearly extra for such multilingual website functionality. Without a proper content management system (CMS) setup, multilingual website administration, i.e. updating texts, changing images or adding additional pages, might be a nightmare.

To avoid all of the above we are offering WordPress website translation with the WPML plugin. The plugin provides not only the required multilingual website functionality, but it also unburdens the WordPress translation process. All pages, posts or other website elements can be easily exported, translated by specialists and then imported back to the website. No need to manually add translation of every text peace in every language. The WPML plugin easily takes care of that.

Added some new content? Or changed something? Blogging regularly? Do not worry, we have you covered here also! Contact us or export texts from your WordPress website using WPML and send them directly to our project managers. We will do the rest! Translation memory generated while translating your website will help to minimize the cost and speed up the translation.