TOFT International’s debut at BALTTECHNIKA 2024


We had an enriching experience this May at BALTTECHNIKA 2024, one of Lithuania’s most significant exhibitions of technologies, innovations and engineering solutions, held in Vilnius.

It was the first time we had our very own booth, and while we were a bit nervous, it was a success. We proudly presented our refreshed brand image and translation services optimized for the tech market. Additionally, we connected with some of the top tech brands and got to see their latest products up close from robots to 3D printers, and from elegant photovoltaic panels to massive waste press machines. Endless chats about the newest tech updates with both participants and visitors were inspiring and educational, giving us loads of ideas on how to capture more attention at these events and better highlight our services.

Specialized translations are integral to the entire tech industry. With products targeting international markets, effective localization is essential. While some companies handle translations internally, our experience highlights the significance of a professional approach. What you convey to your clients and users extends beyond the physical product it shapes your brand’s narrative and reputation. The takeaway is clear: the industry requires optimized linguistic-technological solutions for seamless, high-quality and cost-effective product delivery in multilingual markets.

And that’s exactly what we aim to provide with our services.


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